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Is Elite Lawyer a Legitimate Legal Directory?

 Posted on April 28, 2022 in Legal Directories

chicago lawyer marketing servicesThere are many different tools that attorneys can use to help people find them online, demonstrate that they can provide quality legal services, and connect with potential clients. Legal directories can be especially helpful, providing a lawyer with recognition for their achievements while also informing potential clients of their qualifications and ensuring that people can reach out to them for legal help. OVC, INC. operates the Elite Lawyer directory, and we wanted to highlight what makes this directory a legitimate service that provides benefits for attorneys and the legal community.

Elite Lawyer Recognizes Excellence in the Legal Profession

To be included in the Elite Lawyer directory, an attorney must pass a rigorous selection process. Every attorney who is nominated is reviewed by an advisory panel that will look at the person’s experience, their involvement in local, state, or national bar associations and legal organizations, awards or recognition they have received, special licenses or credentials, successful verdicts and settlements, their involvement in their community, and other factors that may demonstrate the quality of the services they can provide to clients. This ensures that people who are searching through the Elite Lawyer directory to find help with legal issues can rest assured that all attorneys listed will be able to provide them with the services they need.

Elite Lawyer Provides Value for Attorneys and Others

To ensure that attorneys who are recognized by Elite Lawyer can receive benefits from being listed in the directory, they receive multiple types of customized services. These include badges that can be placed on a firm’s website and custom videos that can be shared on social media. Elite Lawyer also provides search engine optimization (SEO) tools that will help attorneys make sure they can be found in online searches. Traffic to the Elite Lawyer directory has grown significantly since it was founded, and it is continuing to increase, with thousands of people visiting the site on a regular basis. By maintaining a listing in the directory, an attorney can increase the chances that people will find them and reach out for help with legal issues.

Elite Lawyer is also committed to serving others in the community in multiple ways, including by offering scholarships to college students. Twice a year, a $1,000 scholarship is awarded to a student based on a submitted essay about how they plan to bring positive change to their community. Through these scholarships and other efforts, Elite Lawyer hopes to encourage future leaders and help students receive the resources they need as they pursue future opportunities.

Learn More About Elite Lawyer

If you have any questions about the Elite Lawyer directory, the selection process, or the benefits that attorneys can receive, please contact us or call Elite Lawyer at 833-403-5482. If you want to know more about how OVC, INC. can help your law firm improve your digital marketing strategy, contact our website design and SEO professionals at 630-635-8000.

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