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Taking Over Existing Attorney Websites

Helping Law Clients with Website Renovations, Enhancements, and Overhauls

When your clients selected your law firm, they probably had a large number of options from which to choose. Such is the nature of the legal community. Clients should—and do—have the ability to seek new representation when the firm they have chosen fails to meet their needs or expectations. As a law firm, you have that same ability regarding your provider of website services. If your existing site is insufficient, or if the service you are receiving is sub-par, it is time for a change. At OVC, INC., we routinely take over the websites of unsatisfied law firms, quickly converting the sites into efficient, productive resources for prospective clients.

Identifying the Problems

Due to our history of success and impeccable reputation throughout the industry, we are regularly approached by attorneys looking for help with their substandard websites and poor online performance. Many are unsatisfied with the service they are receiving from larger, corporate website companies. Some of the most common complaints include:

  • Costs are too high, with too little return on investment;
  • The site is not mobile-friendly;
  • Minimal search-generated traffic;
  • Poor rates of client conversion; and
  • Hacking and security concerns.

Simple Site Takeover

Once you have decided to let OVC help, we offer a number of ways to improve your site and increase your reach. The most basic involves moving your current site under our umbrella and making minor cosmetic and content changes. Behind the scenes, we implement effective techniques to help your site stand out including specific Search Engine Optimization (SEO) based on your practice areas and geographic location. Your site may look essentially the same but the operative difference is often dramatic.

Full Redesign

While many takeover clients are completely satisfied with low-level changes and back-end improvements, some are better served by a complete redesign of their site. Our experienced design team will meet with you discuss your goals and expectations, and develop a plan for your new website. We can keep elements from your existing page if you prefer, or we can start over completely with a fresh, vibrant layout, engaging content, and a wide range of other options. A fully-redesigned site can also better incorporate mobile-friendly responsive design, allowing users full access to your site on any size screen.

Contact Us Today

If you are unhappy with your current website or services provider, or if you are simply looking for an opportunity to grow, contact OVC, INC. today. Since 2008, we have offered fully customized websites for attorneys practicing in all areas of the law. We offer a full spectrum of effective digital marketing solutions designed to meet the needs of lawyers in the 21st Century. Call 630-635-8000 to speak with one of our experienced marketing professionals. We will help identify your needs and show you how OVC is equipped to help.

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