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Live Chat Interaction Turns Leads into Clients

Imagine the potential clients who are browsing through your website right now, wondering if your law firm is as good as your online presence. Naturally they may have questions that need immediate answers, but since no one is available to provide up-to- the-minute assistance, they click off your site and you miss out on getting a lead to convert into a new client.

Welcome to the world of real-time website monitoring, where you can instantly establish a connection with all your potential clients through a live chat service provided by Click-to-Chat.

What can this do for your business? Not only can it significantly increase your client base, but when you leave the office, you can be confident that Click-to-Chat live chat service will work 24/7 to assist any visitor on your website, so you don’t miss out on any leads.

To learn more about how Click-to-Chat can help your law firm connect with every visitor on your web page, contact us at 630-635-8000.

We can help you get the first response on a lead by emailing you or sending a text message to your mobile phone as soon as a lead leaves their contact information. Our website monitoring service can lead you to your next client.

How You Can Instantly Connect with Visitors on Your Website

Most people do a general search on Google to find an attorney that can represent them for their personal legal issues. However, it can be intimidating and somewhat uncomfortable for a potential client to have to be the first to initiate contact with a law firm.

Click-to-Chat creates live chat website monitoring that gathers information from a visitor who wants to connect with your law firm in confidence. Many times, site visitors do not want to input their contact information into a contact form. Click-to-Chat helps overcome that objection.

With the Click-to-Chat live chat-monitoring service, no contract is necessary, and you don’t have to pay a fee upfront. You can start using the service now, and we will immediately contact you every time you get a lead.

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Be the first to respond to visitors on your law firm’s website with our live chat monitoring service. Contact us at Click-to-Chat, to help you increase your client conversion rates with 24/7 live chat availability and website monitoring. Take advantage of this offer now to help increase your client base.

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