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Tim Wildman Promoted to Director of Customer Service at OVC Lawyer Marketing


Tim Wildman

OVC Lawyer Marketing's President Greg Wildman is pleased to announce that Tim Wildman has been promoted to Director of Customer Service at the company.

Tim started at OVC as a summer intern in 2014 while he was studying Marketing at Lewis University, earning placement on the Dean's List. As an intern, he updated directories, reviewed websites, and performed general office duties.

Tim joined the OVC team full time in 2017 as Operations Manager. In that role, he managed the social media and blog program, which included scheduling content written by freelance writers and editors. He completed website reviews, as well as oversaw employee PTO and time sheets. Tim was responsible for computer maintenance and security, such as setting up office computers and email accounts. In addition, he learned the back end of website development and how to update sites if clients had any requests to their websites. Tim also helped with proposals and contracts, as well as final billing and processing client credit card payments.

"I have learned so much about online marketing in the past few years by being involved in so many different aspects of the company, from website updates to contracts and billing, to running the social media and blog programs. It has allowed me to see the big picture and how all the areas of the company impact the end result, which are successful client websites," Wildman said.

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Patti Baron Mellott Celebrates 6th Anniversary at OVC Lawyer Marketing


Patti Baron Mellott

OVC Lawyer Marketing's President Greg Wildman is pleased to announce that Vice President Patti Baron Mellott is celebrating her sixth anniversary at the company.

Patti started at OVC in 2013 as Director of Marketing when the company was in its infancy. Since then, the company has shifted from primarily employing subcontractors working remotely from throughout the United States to a staff of 15 full-time employees who work in the company's Downers Grove office. Patti was promoted to Vice President in 2017, and she now manages all website projects for clients, while ensuring the timely delivery of content.

In her current role, Patti is responsible for managing all new client projects and website redesigns for existing clients. Her position includes client relationship management, project and creative management, SEO strategy, and SEO implementation. She researched, developed, and tested OVC's proprietary Content Guidelines and SEO Guidelines, and by putting these methods into practice, she has helped numerous clients improve their rankings in online search results, ensuring that they can be found by people who are looking for legal help.

"I am still a huge believer in content; whether you are a small or large law firm, creating content that works well organically is a key ingredient to a successful website," Baron Mellott stated.

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TapClicks, Michael Rivera help OVC Lawyer Marketing Clients See Results


Michael Rivera

Analytics Platform Implemented by Digital Marketing Specialist Improves Access, Analysis

OVC Lawyer Marketing, which serves hundreds of law firms across the United States, recently added a new feature that provides its clients with a convenient and in-depth analysis of their OVC-designed websites.

OVC Digital Marketing Specialist Michael Rivera implemented TapClicks, a marketing operations and performance analytics platform, to give clients 24/7 access to helpful performance data, including chats from potential clients.

"They don't have to wait for us to send a spreadsheet or report. They can just log into TapClicks and see all the chats they've received, see which ones they need to follow up on, and pull any data they want to be printed out," Rivera said.

Rivera extensively researched various companies to find a platform that could best serve OVC clients. He chose TapClicks based on its sources OVC wished to connect to. Since implementing TapClicks last September, Rivera has seen a significant functional improvement over the previous system.

"It was harder before, because we had to pull the reports, download them as spreadsheets, and print them out or send them via email to every client," Rivera said. "With TapClicks, we can create really nice charts and see how many chat leads are coming through the clients' websites each month. We can also see the chat transcript, with information about the person who initiated the chat, which is really helpful to us."

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OVC Lawyer Marketing Hires Michelle Stavrou as Director of Operations and Human Resources


Michelle Stavrou

Growing company now serves more than 200 law firms across 19 states

OVC Lawyer Marketing announced the addition of Michelle Stavrou as the company's new director of operations and human resources. With past experience in executive management, regulatory compliance, and corporate sales, Stavrou relishes the opportunity to help OVC continue its substantial and consistent growth.

"I'm excited to help the company build upon its existing structure so we are ready to grow in the future and meet our goals," Stavrou said. "It's already coming together as we're adding more employees. I did this in a prior role, so I know there are key elements that will take us to the next level."

Stavrou's previous employment roles include executive sales specialist at Eden Prairie, Minn.-based CH Robinson; business partner for global trade and regulatory affairs at Warsaw, Ind.-based Zimmer Biomet; and vice president of operations at Cleveland-based Vigilant Global Trade Services.

"Everything I have done in my career, there are pieces that fit into this role. I've always worked closely with lawyers and in creating policy," Stavrou said. "It's great to come into an organization that's already running smoothly, and once we get the staff we need, I look forward to working with our clients to match our operations to what they need and what they're looking for in OVC."

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OVC - Lawyer Marketing Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary


Online Marketing Firm Generates Millions in Revenue for Legal Clients

May, 2018 marked the 10 year anniversary of OVC, INC. Based outside of Chicago, Illinois, the company provides innovative and effective marketing solutions to law firms throughout the United States.

Originally founded in 2008 by Greg Wildman as Online Video Concepts, LLC, the company offered video services to attorneys. Soon, requests for websites started coming in, and Wildman began building a team of developers, marketers, search engine optimization (SEO) experts, writers, and editors. In 2013, the company's name was changed to OVC, INC. to reflect the wide range of services provided. After starting with a few clients in the state of Texas, the firm now provides services to law firms in 15 states.

In the years that Wildman and his team have worked to provide digital solutions to law firms, OVC has compiled a package of offerings specifically designed to promote lawyers online. Through the combination of informative website content and blogs that follow best practices for SEO, reputation management, legal directories, click-to-chat services, pay-per-click(PPC) advertising, social media, and video, OVC is able to help attorneys connect with people and convert them into paying clients. OVC's efforts have helped their clients show up online and generate millions of dollars in revenue over the past decade.

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