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When your law firm first opened its doors, its focus was most likely on serving your local area. From there, your reach may have increased significantly, as you expanded your practice and maybe opened new office locations. No matter how much your firm has grown, however, you have remained committed to meeting the needs of each and every client, while never forgetting your roots. At OVC, INC. Lawyer Marketing, we have expanded the reach of our services, as well, over the last several years. From our beginning in the Chicago area in 2008, we are now equipped to provide top-quality website and marketing services to attorneys from coast to coast.

Harnessing the Power of the Internet

Nobody understands how to utilize digital connectivity better than the marketing professionals at OVC. Thanks to our experience and advanced technical knowledge, we are able to seamlessly combine the national reach of a large, multi-state organization with the small-town familiarity of neighbors you can trust. We are never more than a phone call away and, no matter where you firm is located, you can depend on us to address your needs with the skill and professionalism you deserve.

Illinois and the Central United States

OVC is proud to call the greater Chicago area home. We have lived and worked in the city and understand the people, the community, and the concerns associated with law firms in Northern Illinois. Over the years, we have grown to serve attorneys in Indiana, Wisconsin, Colorado, and even as far south as Texas. Our team has become intimately familiar with these areas, as well, helping our clients experience unprecedented levels of success.

Eastern Seaboard

The sprawling, urban megalopolis stretching from Boston to Washington, D.C. encompasses is home to more than 50 million people, comprising about 17 percent of the American population. Our experience serving the Chicagoland region has translated very well to helping attorneys on East Coast succeed, as well. We have built customized web packages and marketing campaigns for firms based in New York and Connecticut and are well-positioned for further growth.

West Coast and Beyond

The culture of the West Coast is unlike that of any other region in the country. Our design and marketing professionals understand how to meet the unique needs of law firms in Arizona and Nevada. With more than 26 million residents between San Francisco and San Jose, California is home to some of OVC’s greatest success stories. Let us start writing yours today.

The world of online marketing is a gateway to opportunity for law firms in any area of the United States and the team at OVC is ready to help you open the door. Contact our office today to learn more about the services we offer and the ways that we can help you grow. Call 630-635-8000 to schedule a consultation.

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