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Use Your Blog to Connect with Prospective Clients

 Posted on November 12, 2015 in Blogs

blog, blog campaign, OVC Marketing for LawyersOne of the most attractive elements of digital marketing is the flexibility that it affords you and your company. When you use print media to advertise or to reach out to potential customers, each revision or adjustment to your message effectively makes the previous version obsolete and requires you to start over. Using online technology, though, gives you the opportunity to regularly update and amend your site, ensuring your public image is always totally up-to-date. Similarly, you would probably never consider using ink and paper to disseminate weekly or biweekly points of interest to your prospective clients, no matter how relevant the topic may seem to be. A well-designed blog strategy, however, can allow you to maintain regular contact with interested visitors, which, in turn, can dramatically increase traffic to your website.

Why Blogging?

In today’s Internet-based marketplace, there is no better way to keep your message dynamic and interesting than through the use of a high-quality blog. Throughout the business world, more and more companies are recognizing the opportunities that blogs can provide. In fact, consumers have rated blogs as one of the top 5 most trusted sources for information to be found anywhere on the Internet.

Nearly half of all online consumers begin their quest for services and products with a search engine query. Research has repeatedly indicated that as many as 70 percent of the links that searcher choose are organic search results, not sponsored links or ads. A properly-structured blog with useful, engaging information can help push your site toward the top of search result lists.

Find Your Authoritative Voice

Beyond just driving traffic to your website—which cannot possibly be overstated—your blog can also provide you a platform to demonstrate your industry knowledge and experience. Prospective clients want to connect with a business that is equipped to meet their needs, and you can quickly establish yourself as a source of reliable information. Whether you choose to discuss more specific case-studies, or to express general business and legal philosophies, your blog posts can be used to share useful material in a manner that is much more enjoyable for consumers than aggressive, direct advertising.

Repeat Readers

According to marketing research, about half of the visitors to a given site are qualified potential customers, but are not quite ready to make a decision to buy. With a static website that is never updated, you are basically trusting that those users will remember your name when they are ready and that they will simply come back to your site. Regular, interesting updates to your blog, on the other hand, can keep those prospective clients engaged and visiting time and again, without growing weary of your message, until they are ready to begin a business relationship.

Professional Blog Services

As a qualified legal professional, your time is extremely valuable. That is why the experienced team at OVC, INC. makes it easy for you to maintain contact with your potential customer base through professionally-managed blog services. We not only offer blog hosting that allows you to write and develop your own posts, but we also provide full-service blog-writing packages customized to meet your firm’s personality and objectives. Since 2008, we have been providing cutting-edge marketing solutions to attorneys across the country, including dynamic websites and engaging blog content, and we are ready to put that experience to work for you. Call 630-635-8000 today for your free website evaluation. 







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