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The Importance of Analyzing Your Website Analysis Tools

 Posted on July 14, 2016 in Website Analytics

OVC Lawyer MarketingIn today’s increasingly connected world, a well-designed website is crucial to your company’s success. A strong word-of-mouth reputation is certainly helpful, but there is nothing that compares to the reach of a powerful online presence that extends beyond your friends and neighbors. There are many factors that contribute to the quality of your website, and there is certainly room for discussion about what makes a good website. Dozens, if not hundreds, of site analysis tools are available to help website owners review their site’s metrics and performance, allowing them to make the necessary adjustment to improve. But how reliable are these tools? And is it possible that many of them are just trying to sell you a product or service?

Consider the Source, Especially If It Is Free

While not completely unheard of, very few services—either online or in the brick-and-mortar business world—are offered completely for free with no strings attached. Such is the case with most website analysis tools. Depending on where the tool originates, it could be offered with the sole intention of getting you to buy something or hire a particular marketing company.

Even the most “trustworthy” sources typically want something in return for using their tools. Google Analytics and other Google tools, for example, may not cost money to utilize, but did you know that that Google’s privacy agreement allows the company to collect information like model numbers and brand names of the devices you use, your browsing history, your phone number and call history, and data about your location?

Sorting Through Conflicting Information

When you use website analysis tools, you need to understand what the results actually mean or the tool is essentially useless. For example, in doing research for this article, we accessed one of Google’s tools for testing the mobile-friendliness and speed of a website and entered a URL of a recently redesigned site. The results indicated that the site scored 99 out of 100 for mobile-friendliness. Pretty good, right? The very next rating, however, was a 43 out of 100 for mobile site speed. Wait, what? Mobile loading speed should be a component of mobile-friendliness, shouldn’t it? How can the same site be nearly perfect in mobile-friendliness with such a poor loading speed score?

Choose Your Next Steps Carefully

Just as the companies who offer these tools are typically trying to gain new business from them, individuals and firms are everywhere with promises to solve your site’s problems. Perhaps some of them actually can do so, but before you pay for their help, you need to be sure of a few things. First, you need to be certain that there actually is a problem. Do not rely on just one tool; run several tests from a variety of sources. If they all give similar results, then consider professional assistance.

Next, begin your search for qualified help by talking to people with strong websites in a similar industry to yours. Online marketing is quickly becoming the new door-to-door salesmanship, and you are probably being bombarded with offers and invitations to try a new service virtually every day. Aggressive sales pitches do not equal quality web design and maintenance ability.

Finally, be sure that the person or team you hire can actually identify—and explain to you!—what needs to be fixed and how it will help your site. Can they really provide a needed service or are they just trying to get you on board as a new customer?

Building Long-Lasting Relationships

At OVC, INC., we are in the business of helping lawyers expand their online presence through thoughtfully designed, mobile-friendly websites and a comprehensive catalog of cutting-edge marketing solutions. More than that, we establish long-term trusting relationships with our clients by being honest and straightforward about the ways we can help and if a particular service is even necessary. To learn more about what our company can do for yours, call 630-635-8000 and speak to one of our team members today.







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