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TapClicks, Michael Rivera help OVC Lawyer Marketing Clients See Results


Michael Rivera

Analytics Platform Implemented by Digital Marketing Specialist Improves Access, Analysis

OVC Lawyer Marketing, which serves hundreds of law firms across the United States, recently added a new feature that provides its clients with a convenient and in-depth analysis of their OVC-designed websites.

OVC Digital Marketing Specialist Michael Rivera implemented TapClicks, a marketing operations and performance analytics platform, to give clients 24/7 access to helpful performance data, including chats from potential clients.

"They don't have to wait for us to send a spreadsheet or report. They can just log into TapClicks and see all the chats they've received, see which ones they need to follow up on, and pull any data they want to be printed out," Rivera said.

Rivera extensively researched various companies to find a platform that could best serve OVC clients. He chose TapClicks based on its sources OVC wished to connect to. Since implementing TapClicks last September, Rivera has seen a significant functional improvement over the previous system.

"It was harder before, because we had to pull the reports, download them as spreadsheets, and print them out or send them via email to every client," Rivera said. "With TapClicks, we can create really nice charts and see how many chat leads are coming through the clients' websites each month. We can also see the chat transcript, with information about the person who initiated the chat, which is really helpful to us."

OVC Founder and Chief Executive Officer Greg Wildman seconded Rivera's assessment of TapClicks' effectiveness.

"It looks at everything, from the traffic on every resource we have, chat and email leads, social media, legal directories. We can really find out what's working and what isn't, and clients can go to one place and get all of the information about the website," Wildman said. "The clients who've used it are really happy with what it's done."

Rivera, 28, who came to OVC in January 2018 after moving to the United States from Puerto Rico, has been a valued asset since his arrival.

"He came in to help us get more organized with SEO (search engine optimization) and to provide reporting to our clients," Wildman said. "He brought in TapClicks, has organized Google listings, brought citations to us. He really brought great organization and ideas."

About OVC, INC.

OVC, INC. was founded by Greg Wildman in 2008. OVC first provided video production and website development to attorneys, and the company has grown by offering products, services, and partnerships that help lawyers connect with clients. OVC's commitment to service sets it apart, and the OVC Team works with attorneys to choose the right mix of products and services that help them succeed, whether provided by OVC, a legal directory or service, or another partner. To learn more about how OVC, INC. can create a winning digital marketing strategy for your firm, visit or call 630-635-8000.

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